JDS, Lt. Col., USAF Ret.

Peripheral Neuropathy came into my life in 2013. In 2014 I took a bad fall and my injuries were fixed by Melinda’s manual physical therapy interventions. She also invited my to be one of her first patients in her Low Intensity Light Therapy Clinic, and successfully treated my neuropathy! I could feel my feet again and my balance improved. I returned to the golf course and other activities.

I recently returned for help again because of returning neuropathy issues, especially balance and loss of strength in my legs. Melinda assigned me to Jacob Dulski. Jacob focused on and inquired about feelings of dizziness and headaches, talked about his training and experience in that area, and his enjoyment in ridding patients of this unhappy experience. He observed dizziness could be preventing me from making better progress on my strength and balance efforts.

In one session, his movement tests while watching my eyes told him that I had both dizziness and vertigo and the operative causes. He then exercises those areas, causing them to go away. Next session, he retested all, giving me a high confidence that I am finally rid of that depressing part of my life. My leg strength and balance continue to improve.