S. Spitzer

I injured my upper back, neck and shoulder falling over backwards. Healing was very slow and the injury was causing complications despite excellent chiropractic care and massage therapy.

It seemed to me that light/laser therapy might be worth a try because my husband had had success with this treatment at Peak LiLT with his arthritic hip. It has helped him avoid a hip replacement!

The results for me were unexpectedly dramatic. The referring pain in my shoulder and arm disappeared after just two treatments. My ability to sleep on my back and on my right side returned (doing so before created too much pain) so that for the first time in the two weeks since the fall I was able to sleep through the night. The extreme tightness in large groups of muscles was significantly relieved, ameliorating the problems they were causing. These beneficial effects have continued to endure many months later (I had 3 treatments total and my symptoms are still completely resolved).