Pam Jones

Peak Performance Physical Therapy gave me my life back. Like everything else I’ve ever done, I managed to turn gardening into an extreme sport. The result was acute and chronic low back pain. I could no longer garden, pick up my groceries, hike, sit or stand for any period of time, and my sleep was disrupted because of the burning in my hip.

Then someone at my gym said Melinda at Peak Performance Physical Therapy had helped them a lot, and I should give her a try.

I had an MRI that showed a bulging disc and osteoarthritis in my sacrum. Melinda stopped everything I was doing except walking on a flat surface and some very gentle back exercises she gave me (McKenzie Method movement exercises for reducing disc bulges). It turns out that even the exercises from the previous PT and the yoga I did on my own were increasing my pain.

PPPT also gave a class in proper body mechanics while gardening. I learned that everything I could have done wrong during my 20 years of gardening, I did wrong.

Armed with new skills about how to respect my body while moving through life, I am now doing the things I love again.