Olympic Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu

As a figure skater, I am especially prone to injuries from the constant impact of falls, and when I strained my knee a few months ago, my physical therapist Melinda (whom I 100% trust) recommended that I try Light Therapy. Although I was skeptical at first because I didn’t believe that the pain would go away without any work on my part, LiLT has definitely sped up my healing process.

Personally, I don’t feel anything while the lasers are on me, but I always feel a difference afterwards, especially when I am doing my regime on the ice the next day. It is incredible how science and technology have been combined to create a machine that helps stimulate tissue healing and decreases the time it normally takes injuries to heal! LiLT has been extremely useful for me and has allowed me to continue my training uninterrupted in preparation for the upcoming National Championships. A great big thank you to Melinda who has ensured that my body has the ability to keep up with the strenuous impact of figure skating!