Joe Schaefer

Over several years this 79 year old retired military officer noticed progressive loss of feeling below my knees resulting in balance, strength and stamina issues. Several falls happened, my daily walks were reduced from 30 minutes to 10 or less, and my golf game disappeared, frequently struggling to play just 9 holes- badly. The diagnosis was Peripheral Neuropathy: damaged nerves leading toward muscle atrophy and loss of sensory feedback.

Then I was introduced to Low Intensity Light Therapy. I had never heard of LiLT and was doubtful, but five health professionals in my family advised me to just give it a good try. I am so glad I did.

After about two dozen treatments, I saw a dramatic change. Balance returned, I could feel my feet and calves, I keep up with my wife’s shopping trips of an hour or more, play 18 holes of golf again, and walk a quick straight line like a military person should.