Jan Ziaja

I was a victim of polio at 9 months of age – the virus struck mostly my left leg; I had several surgeries in my childhood and teenage years. I learned how to walk and move the best I could throughout my life. But I have a limp that has progressively worsened over the years. Now at age 60, I was encouraged to work with Jeff and Gail at Peak Performance. I saw them individually, although their methods of therapy are very complimentary. What they do is not physical therapy but movement therapy: Feldenkrais and Laban Movement therapies. They started me slowly, each session beginning with discussion and Q/A, then a new movement practice was added each week. It was my responsibility to practice building on the foundation between sessions. I’ve learned toe/foot/ankle/leg movements with each leg – how those can be fluid, and integrated into whole body movement. I’ve learned how every movement we make is connected to every other movement, if we allow it to be. As Jeff and Gail have both explained, I’m learning new neuroconnections, re-learning broken connections and establishing new patterns of movement based on my body’s capacity.

Jeff and Gail provide unique services, and treat each client uniquely and with respect. They are professional, yet comfortable and down to earth. Jeff remarked at an early session that working together I COULD make changes, perhaps not huge, but definitely significant. I have already made significant changes toward moving more naturally, for me, through their support and providing the tools I need to continue to progress.