G. Spitzer

A few years ago, after X-rays revealed that my increasing hip discomfort was due to Stage 4 Arthritis, I saw a series of orthopedic specialists who assured me that I was looking at inescapable hip replacement. According to them, it was only a matter of when to decide to undertake the surgery. And their offices would schedule that now, or several months later, if my pain levels allowed postponement of the procedure. Because a physician’s assistant had pointed out in reviewing the images with me, that while my hip was in undeniably terrible shape, I did have a wee sliver of cartilage left… if only something could be done to nurture and multiply it… With that in mind I pursued physical therapy with Melinda Couch at Peak Performance. A key to her healing regime was to treat me with protocols borrowed from the pioneering Canadian physician, Fred Kahn, who spent decades developing and refining Low Intensity Light therapies. My improvement was by no means immediate, but after what-seemed-like-too-many weeks, it became apparent that this series of photon therapies was based on real clinical science.   I became increasingly functional and then, amazingly, pain-free and stabilized after about 11 weeks. Now at 70 I relish that I can almost keep up with my young grandchildren.