Carolyn Boshure

I can’t say enough positive things about Peak Performance!  They have changed my life.  I am 70 years old and was diagnosed with a degenerated disc in my lower back when I was 21.  All my adult life I suffered a painful back.  I sought help from many doctors and physical therapists.  When I was in my 60’s I had two back surgeries which only helped a little bit.  I then resorted to cortisone shots every three months.  This would give me blessed relief for about 30 days.  Then I found Peak Performance.  Melinda (manual physical therapy) and Jeff (Feldenkrais therapy) have worked miracles!  I haven’t needed a cortisone shot in close to two years and I am functioning nearly pain free.

Everyone I have referred has thanked me and wishes they had started treatment at Peak Performance a long time ago.  I would strongly recommend going there.  It is hands-on and the therapists work with you during the entire appointment rather than running back and forth between several other patients.  You won’t be disappointed.