Our Therapists’ Credentials

Melinda Couch’s Credentials

National and International Events

  • Awarded the 2018 Thayer Tutt Sportsman Award by the Colorado Springs Sports Corporation
  • United States Team Physical Therapist – 2016 Skate Canada Competition, Mississauga, Canada
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    -2014 Winter Olympic Games, Sochi, Russia
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    -2013 Figure Skating World Championships, London, Ontario, Canada
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    -2012 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Competition, Colorado Springs, CO
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    – 2011 Figure Skating World Championships, Moscow, Russia
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    – 2010 Junior World Championships, The Hague, Netherlands
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    – 2009 Figure Skating World Championships, Los Angeles, California
  • Presenter at the Sports Medicine Congress
    – 2008 U.S. Figure Skating National Championships, Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    – 2007 Figure Skating World Championships, Tokyo, Japan
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    – 2006 Junior World Championships Figure Skating Competition, Slovenia
  • United States Team Physical Therapist
    – 2006 and 2007 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Competition, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • Staff Physical Therapist
    – 2005 New York City Marathon
  • U.S. Team Physical Therapist – 2005 ISU Four Continents Figure Skating Competition, Korea
  • Speaker – 2005 Junior Pair and Dance Coaches College for U.S. Figure Skating
  • U.S. Team Physical Therapist – 2003 Grand Prix Final Figure Skating Competition, Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • World Cup Speed Skating – 2003 Calgary, Canada: Physical Therapist
  • U.S. Cycling Nationals – 2000 Colorado Springs, CO: Medical Staff/ Physical Therapist
  • Skate America – 1999 Colorado Springs, CO: Physical Therapist

Continuing Education Credits

  • Cranial Mobilization, Level 2, 2020
  • Cranial Mobilization, Level 1, 2019
  • Institute of Physical Art: Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation 1, 2017
  • Institute of Physical Art: Functional Mobilization 1, 2017
  • Bioflex Laser Therapy Clinician Certification, 2015
  • The Neuroscience of Pain, International Spine and Pain Institute, 2015
  • Pose Method of Running Coach’s Certification, 2011
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling Certification: Completed Level 1 in 2010 and Level 2, Certification in 2011
  • Norwegian Approach: Treatment of the Lumbar Spine, 2009
  • Schacklock’s Neurodynamics of the Upper Extremity, 2008
  • The Bottom Block: Sole Support Custom Orthotic Evaluation and Casting, 2005
  • Cycling Biomechanics and Bike Fitting Certification, 2005
  • Muscle Elongation Techniques, 2005
  • Spinal Manipulation Certification, 2003
  • Evaluation/Treatment of Cervicogenic Headache Disorders, 2002
  • Diane Lee: Evaluation/Treatment of Sacrum, Pelvis, Lumbar Spine, 2000
  • Advanced Cadaveric Dissection of the Shoulder Girdle with Doctoral Paper on Impingment Syndrome, 2000
  • Osteopathic Approach to the Lumbar Spine/Pelvis, 2000
  • Kinesiotaping Certification, Level 1,2, and 3, 2000
  • Evaluation/Treatment of the Shoulder Girdle Complex, 1999
  • Muscle Energy Technique for the Cervical Spine and Headaches, 1999
  • Mulligan’s NAGS, SNAGS, MWM
  • Muscle Energy of the Cervical Spine, Thoracic Spine, and Ribs, 1998
  • Treatment of Lumbar Spine in Postpartum Women, 1997
  • Foot Biomechanics and Orthotic Application, 1997
  • Strain and Counterstrain Technique, 1996
  • Kevin Will: Evaluation/Treatment of the Knee, 1996
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation Certification, 1996
  • Observational Gait Analysis Certification, 1995
  • Strength Testing and Training in Patients with Neurological Disorders, 1994

Laura McNamara, LMT

Laura McNamara’s credentials

Laura studied nursing and nutrition at Beth El College of Nursing at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. She is internationally certified in Neuromuscular Therapy and is a registered Massage Therapist having done her training with Colorado Institute for Massage Therapy in Colorado Springs. She is certified in Myofascial Release studying under Thomas Myers and extensively with Bonnie Thompson emphasizing on the pelvic bowl, the abdomen, the thorax, the shoulder girdle and the neck. Laura specializes in treating patients with traumatic brain injuries, sports injuries and releasing scar tissue.

While in Summit County, Laura worked with podiatrist Denny Parkinson custom fitting ski boots to correct athletes’ posture in an effort to prevent injuries and enhance performance. Laura owned and operated Summit Kayak Whitewater Shop where she trained as a kayak instructor with Olympian Tom Karnuta, working on the river every summer as a raft and kayak guide.

Additional modalities Laura incorporates are:

  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Swedish Massage
  • Pre and Peri-natal Massage
  • Muscle Energy Technique
  • Facilitated Stretching