Meet the Team

Melinda Couch, PT

Clinic Owner and Program Director

Melinda Couch
Melinda Couch

Melinda has been a practicing physical therapist since 1993. She moved to Colorado in 1995 because of her love of the mountains. She is a physical therapist for the U.S. Figure Skating Team, and has traveled with them extensively, including four World Championship events. She was extremely honored to serve as U.S. Team Physical Therapist for figure skating at the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia! She received the 2018 Thayer Tutt Sportsman Award from The Colorado Springs Sports Corporation for her years of volunteer service with Sports Medicine both nationally and internationally.

Melinda has a passion for manual physical therapy and is committed to providing one-on-one care at her clinic. She helped start The Pikes Peak Physical Therapy Alliance in 2016 which is an informal alliance between Peak Performance and four other like-minded physical therapy practices in Colorado Springs. The aim of this PT Alliance is to educate the community that everyone deserves and has access to one-on-one manual therapy based care in physical therapy.

Working with high level athletes in the charged environment of international sports honed her skills in assessing injury, de-escalating pain and trauma. In the sports arena and in the clinic, the patient’s success is measured in sustained pain-free functioning.

Melinda’s primary goal for Peak Performance is to bring that superior level of attention and healing to all patients. She has assembled a unique team of highly trained professionals who together serve each person’s individual needs. At Peak Performance, we do not utilize non-skilled techs who perform portions of your treatment. You are treated one-on-one by highly skilled manual PT’s and other highly educated practitioners!

Amanda Jones, PT

Amanda Jones

Amanda is a midwestern girl who left Indiana in 1998 after receiving her Physical Therapy degree from the University of Indianapolis. She started her career as a physical therapist in South Carolina and soon after moved to Florida where she and her husband started their family. Amanda, her husband, their two sons and 3 Labrador retrievers were relocated to Colorado in 2011 by her husband’s employer, the US Navy, and they don’t plan on leaving any time soon.

Amanda has been working in the sports medicine arena since she entered college where she was a student athletic trainer, and right after graduating from PT school, she passed the national board examination and received her certification in Athletic Training. She has traveled internationally to provide medical support for USA Taekwondo, USA Ultimate and USA Paralympic Cycling. She was honored to be a Physical Therapist for Team USA at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! Amanda loves working with athletes of all ages and levels of competition and appreciates the unique, active patient population in Colorado.

Amanda is a problem-solver, and she appreciates the challenges that the human body presents. She enjoys working with patients one-on-one to focus on their individual needs and empower them to be an active participant in the rehab process. Amanda’s is an experienced manual therapist with a multi-system approach. She has a special interest in dysfunction of the upper quadrant, including shoulder problems as well as upper back, rib, and neck pain.

Kalie Reed, PT, DPT

Kalie ReedKalie studied Health and Exercise Science with a Sports Medicine concentration at Colorado State University. She ran sprints and hurdles on a full ride scholarship at CSU. She earned her Doctorate of Physical Therapy at Regis University in Denver, Colorado. She got married after finishing PT school and she and her husband Nate then moved to Colorado Springs. She loves to run, hike, camp, snowboard, workout, and participate in any outdoor activity. She enjoys spending time with her large family, who mostly live nearby.

Kalie specializes in manual therapy and individualized exercise programs to decrease pain and maximize performance. She is passionate about working with athletes of all types. She loves how rewarding it is to help her patients achieve their goals! She is excellent at connecting with people and promoting a healing environment. She welcomes a challenge and will go to great lengths to achieve a desired outcome.

For two years, Kalie has been battling an autoimmune disease and arthritis in her spine that has greatly affected her ability to run and participate in the activities she loves. She understands the frustration and hopelessness that can accompany pain and injury. She has learned a lot and grown immensely along the way, and her desire is to empower others to overcome bodily impairments and live life to the fullest.

Hilari Peterson, PTA

Hilari Peterson

Hilari is a certified Low Intensity Light Therapy Technician. Photobiomodulation or Low Lever laser therapy is a method treatment that accelerates tissue healing, restores normal cell structure and function, and decreases pain. This is done by utilization of photons of light at specific wavelengths, frequencies, and power to stimulate tissue healing.

Hilari Is also a Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant. She graduated from Fayetteville Technical Community College in 2015. Shortly after graduation Hilari began practicing in an outpatient private practice and worked PRN at the county hospital primarily on the rehabilitation and cardiac floors. Hilari enjoys working with patients to regain their mobility and achieve their optimal functioning status. In her spare time, she enjoys camping with family and exercising with friends.

Jeff Bickford

Feldenkrais Practitioner

Jeff Bickford
Jeff Bickford

Jeff is a Feldenkrais Guild of North America Certified teacher. This gentle method effectively reduces pain and tension by calming the nervous system and restoring healthy neuro-muscular function. Perfect for those in intense pain with restricted movement and very effective for injuries caused by the repetitive stress of disorganized movement and  posture. It can help anyone move better at whatever they do.

Learn more about Jeff’s work at:
Learn more about Feldenkrais and watch our new video that explains more about the Feldenkrais Method (located in our “Services” section). Also check out Dr. Andrew Weil’s recent article on the Feldenkrais Method.

Kate Aronson

Therapeutic Pilates Instructor

Kate Aronson
Kate Aronson

Kate practices Therapeutic Pilates by utilizing the Pilates equipment – the reformer and the trapeze table – to aid patients in rehabilitating from injury, and to help them avoid re-injury. She is a certified Pilates instructor who has been practicing and teaching Pilates for over 15 years. Kate has also studied movement analysis with Gail Gustafson, and she brings these skills to her practice when working with patients to help them discover habitual movement patterns and imbalances that may be causing pain or injury.

Laura McNamara

Massage Therapist

Laura McNamara
Laura McNamara

A native to Colorado, born and raised in Colorado Springs, Laura has spent a lifetime playing in the wondrous outdoors of this fabulous state. Living in Summit County for ten years, Laura gained valuable experience working with professional athletes from the worlds of skiing, kayaking, mountaineering, biking, and running.

Laura joined the Peak Performance team in 2007 and maintains a thriving private practice. Embracing a whole-body approach to wellness, Laura tailors a combination of techniques to each of her clients’ individual needs, focusing on their healing and swift return to homeostasis.


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