Sports Medicine

One of our areas of specialty at Peak Performance is Sports Medicine. We love working with all athletes, but we do specialize in a few sports specifically: runners (including coaching proper running technique: see our Pose Method of Running information), cyclists, triathletes (including members of USA Triathlon), soccer, rock climbers, martial artists, wrestlers, dancers, and figure skaters. Our owner, Melinda Couch, recently served as the physical therapist for our US Figure Skating Team at the Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia! You can view her Olympic blog to get a look behind the scenes at the Olympic Games.

We gear our treatments towards the needs of the individual athlete, including appropriate return to play advice for the athlete, parent (if applicable), and coach. We recognize that in competitive sport it is often not possible to take a lot of time off and we help the athlete and coach with knowing which aspects of the sport to pull back from during the healing process and which activities are still OK to proceed with in order to “keep your head in the game.”

We also specialize in Functional Movement Systems Assessment from the work of Gray Cook and utilize FMS testing as a part of the rehab process from sports injury. John Hayes, PT,DPT is our FMS expert on staff, so our other PT’s might recommend an FMS screening with John as a part of your treatment plan during your time with us.

Our goal with all athletes is to get you back into your sport as safely and quickly as possible!