Peak LiLT’s Low Intensity Light Therapy Wellness Program

You Matter: Proven Patient Healing Results in New Wellness Program

Proven Patient Healing

Peak LiLT recently reviewed two years of patient results using our clinically proven, non-invasive, non-toxic and safe Low Intensity Light Therapy. The outstanding wellness outcomes for patients with herniated spinal discs, bulging discs, joint arthritis, tendinitis, and more clearly demonstrate the importance of light therapy for wellness. Additionally, we discovered optimal results for our patients occurred when combining Low Intensity Light Therapy with hands-on manual Physical Therapy, Neuromuscular Massage Therapy, Feldenkrais Movement Re-education, and core stabilization exercises.

Discover Optimum Wellness

Therefore, we have created a Low Intensity Light Therapy Wellness Program that encompasses all of the services we offer at both Peak LiLT and Peak Performance Physical Therapy. Our goal is to help you move further into wellness by utilizing Low Intensity Light Therapy to create healing at a cellular level. This will then be enhanced by all of the other services that we offer in our office. This new Wellness Program includes a comprehensive personal plan with expert care delivered by compassionate professionals dedicated to listening and partnering with you while you optimally heal. Your team will include:

A licensed, experienced Manual Physical Therapist who:

  • evaluates fully your unique mechanical dysfunctions
  • improves your functional movement using a variety of hands-on techniques to help release tight restricted tissues, re-align your vertebrae and joints
  • helps you acquire increased strength and stability when the time is right
  • leads your wellness care team and individualized healing plan


A Licensed, Experienced Neuromuscular Massage Therapist who:

  • supports the release of tight restricted tissues
  • enables you to move better in a pain-free way
  • increases your circulation to promote tissue healing

An Experienced, Certified Feldenkrais Practitioner who:   

  • evaluates your current postural and movement dysfunctions
  • helps you foster improved movement patterns that will serve you better
  • supports you in enhancing balance and posture


An Experienced, Certified Therapeutic Pilates Instructor who:

  • helps you access your core muscles
  • increases your strength in a safe, controlled environment
  • supports your improved function using specialized Pilates equipment

Start your Results

Participating in the new Low Intensity Light Therapy Wellness Program supports your optimum healing. Because your healing matters greatly, our team is offering wellness program participants extra value by providing comprehensive, individualized care at a discount from the usual cost of services, including Low Intensity Light Therapy sessions. Further, our office staff will work with you to identify what may be covered by your health insurance for physical therapy sessions (Peak Performance accepts most insurances for physical therapy services).

To start your Low Intensity Light Therapy Wellness Program or for questions, contact Melinda Couch at or Jeff Bickford @

Achieving Optimal Functional Wellness!: