LLLT Testimonials

Peripheral Neuropathy came into my life in 2013. In 2014 I took a bad fall and my injuries were fixed by Melinda’s manual physical therapy interventions. She also invited my to be one of her first patients in her Low Intensity Light Therapy Clinic, and successfully treated my neuropathy! I could feel my feet again … Continue reading Testimonial for Jacob Dulski, PT, DPT

Testimonial for Jacob Dulski, PT, DPT

Since I started using Sole Supports, my persistent hip pain has all but vanished! If you are “getting to that age,” do yourself a favor and get a pair, or two.



I have a physically demanding job and had been experiencing chronic low back pain for about four years. I was diagnosed with disc bulges in my lumbar spine. I tried many different approaches and nothing seemed to help. Honestly I thought I was heading for surgery. Then Melinda suggested I try Light Therapy. I had never heard of it before but thought it couldn’t hurt to try. About 12 to 15 sessions in I started to notice a difference in my pain and stiffness. Most days are pain free for me now. LILT therapy is the one thing I’ve tried that is making a lasting difference.

I can’t thank Melinda and her staff enough for getting me back to my life.



Low intensity light therapy has helped me recover from a hip flexor injury and labral tear. I went from not knowing if I was going to even be able to walk pain-free to training hard at an elite level every day without pain. I saw an obvious difference after just a week!

Vincent Zhou, U.S. Men’s Figure Skating Junior Champion


8  months after surgical repair of a complete Achilles Tendon rupture I had significant scar tissue that had stopped improving/decreasing with other treatments.  At the recommendation of Melinda Couch, I began a series of 20 treatments with Low Intensity Light Therapy from Peak Performance Physical Therapy/Peak LiLT.  At the end of the 20 treatments, the scar tissue (aka my “Achilles bump”) had decreased significantly in size and mobility was greatly improved.  The strange tingling from the scar tissue interfering with nerve function was also gone.

Later that year, I developed a very scary tendinitis in my other Achilles Tendon and was terrified that it, too, would rupture.  I decided to try Low Intensity Light Therapy again for this new injury.  I was traveling, so I only had time for seven sessions.  However, the healing continued for the next few weeks after the treatments and the tendinitis resolved itself.  Whew!  Dodged that bullet!

If you are suffering from Achilles Tendinitis or had the misfortune of suffering a rupture, I highly recommend Low Intensity Light Therapy to stimulate your healing process.

Thank you Peak Performance Physical Therapy!

Lori M. Fussell, Ph.D. and Competitive Adult Figure Skater

Max Aaron, 2013 U.S. national champion figure skater


Joe SchaeferOver several years this 79 year old retired military officer noticed progressive loss of feeling below my knees resulting in balance, strength and stamina issues. Several falls happened, my daily walks were reduced from 30 minutes to 10 or less, and my golf game disappeared, frequently struggling to play just 9 holes- badly. The diagnosis was Peripheral Neuropathy: damaged nerves leading toward muscle atrophy and loss of sensory feedback.

Then I was introduced to Low Intensity Light Therapy. I had never heard of LiLT and was doubtful, but five health professionals in my family advised me to just give it a good try. I am so glad I did.

After about two dozen treatments, I saw a dramatic change. Balance returned, I could feel my feet and calves, I keep up with my wife’s shopping trips of an hour or more, play 18 holes of golf again, and walk a quick straight line like a military person should.

Joe Schaefer

Olympic Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu:
Olympic Figure Skater Mirai Nagasu

As a figure skater, I am especially prone to injuries from the constant impact of falls, and when I strained my knee a few months ago, my physical therapist Melinda (whom I 100% trust) recommended that I try Light Therapy. Although I was skeptical at first because I didn’t believe that the pain would go away without any work on my part, LiLT has definitely sped up my healing process.

Personally, I don’t feel anything while the lasers are on me, but I always feel a difference afterwards, especially when I am doing my regime on the ice the next day. It is incredible how science and technology have been combined to create a machine that helps stimulate tissue healing and decreases the time it normally takes injuries to heal! LiLT has been extremely useful for me and has allowed me to continue my training uninterrupted in preparation for the upcoming National Championships. A great big thank you to Melinda who has ensured that my body has the ability to keep up with the strenuous impact of figure skating!

Mirai Nagasu
Olympic Figure Skater

I was involved in a car crash and sustained significant neck and back injuries. I started LiLT soon after the crash. My initial treatments focused on my worst injuries, those to my neck and head. My neck began to feel better in a very short time (with just 5-6 sessions my pain was dramatically reduced in that area and I was no longer nauseous). We then moved the LiLT therapy to my back and I am now experiencing relief there as well. I believe the light therapy has sped my recovery in all of the treated areas.

Cindy Duncan

Jodi Taylor
Jodi Taylor

I had experienced chronic lower back pain for a couple of years and had tried multiple approaches. While my symptoms would improve, they seemed to always return. The pain was effecting my lifestyle. I decided to try laser therapy (LiLT) to see if it would help reduce the pain levels.

The first thing I noticed, was that the area of pain began to reduce and became more focused or localized. At about 14 sessions, I noticed a turning point and I suddenly experienced significant improvement: at time being completely pain free. I am now able to return to my normal activities without pain (hiking, skiing and traveling)!

Jodi Taylor

I injured my upper back, neck and shoulder falling over backwards. Healing was very slow and the injury was causing complications despite excellent chiropractic care and massage therapy. It seemed to me that light therapy might be worth a try.

I experienced nothing at all during the therapy session. However, the results were unexpectedly dramatic. The referring pain in my shoulder and arm disappeared. My ability to sleep on my back and on my right side returned (doing so before created too much pain) so that for the first time in the two weeks since the fall I was able to sleep through the night. The extreme tightness in large groups of muscles was significantly relieved, ameliorating the problems they were causing. These beneficial effects have continued to endure many weeks later (I had 3 sessions total and my symptoms are completely resolved).

S. Spitzer