Functional Movement Screening

What is FMS?

Functional Movement Screens (FMS) are a series of standardized tests that help “tease out” deficits in flexibility and strength/stability. FMS testing is now commonly utilized with Olympic athletes, professional sports teams and collegiate athletes to help more accurately determine areas of poor mechanics and asymmetries in movement that could ultimately lead to injury, as well as to help improve the athlete’s performance.

What Does Our FMS Program Consist Of?

Peak Performance’s FMS Program typically consists of a total of 4-6 sessions spread out over 6-8 weeks.

Your first session will be a detailed physical therapy evaluation that will include several FMS tests for your specific sport or activity. The FMS testing will help us guide your treatment plan so that it is specific for your individual needs.

Over the course of the program, you will be given a series of Corrective Exercises, including both advanced neuromuscular flexibility exercises to address your areas of immobility as well as innovative stability exercises. You will also receive manual physical therapy treatment interventions to help reduce soft tissue and joint restrictions which could be hampering your performance.

Your final session will consist of re-testing the functional movement screen and additional advanced mobility and stability exercise instruction.

Our goal with the FMS program is to help you be a better athlete with fewer injuries and improved performance in your sport! We would also like to help those wishing to become more active to do so in a safe manner and to be able to enjoy activity more.

FMS Program Cost:

Is typically covered by insurance as part of your physical therapy evaluation/treatment if you have a current or recent injury issue. Please consult with us regarding this.

For self-pay patients: $75 a session with discount to $70 for students/seniors.

**Program Special for January 2021: Only $55 a session ($50 for students/seniors).

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