At Peak Performance we our proud to have one of the few Feldenkrais Practitioners in the Colorado Springs area. Come and experience a Feldenkrais Functional Integration session today to restore better movement, reduce your pain, or improve your sports performance. Contact Jeff Bickford for more information – jeff@unfetteredmovement.org  – or call Jeff at (719) 235-8053 to schedule an appointment.

What is The Feldenkrais Method of Somatic Education?

The Feldenkrais Method has been helping people in many countries in the world move better since it was created by Moshe Feldenkrais, an Israeli physicist, in the 1950’s.

In a nutshell, Feldenkrais uses movement to re-organize a person’s nervous system.

Which is how a nervous system is organized in the first place – through movement!

As we learn to move – the movements of our bodies, of emotions, even the movement of thoughts – neural networks are created to organize and control those movements.  Sometimes these networks – this is what a habit is – work for us for a long time; sometimes they get disrupted by illness, injury, or some current movement fad.  Sometimes, if we don’t use them, these networks disappear.

A Feldenkrais lesson guides you through novel ways of moving to create, re-create, or re-organize these neural networks.  So you move better, with greater ease, flexibility, balance, and strength.  

This approach works no matter what you’re wishing to do – recover from a stroke, a car accident, or surgery – or learn to ski, run, dance or walk better.

Again, Feldenkrais uses movement to re-organize how a person moves.

A few principles:

> learning happens when we move within our range of what is easy; this means pain does not equal gain!  Pain just equals pain.

> we move better, and with fewer injuries, when we distribute movement through our whole system.  Isolation of movement = greater wear and tear.

> by bringing attention to what your are learning you integrate it faster – as probably seems obvious, but is easily forgotten, we need to pay attention in order to learn anything.

> moving slower causes the brain to pay attention.

> a Feldenkrais lesson is a process of learning, not therapy – you are learning the skills to take care of yourself.  If you just want a pill or for someone to do it to you, this is not for you.

Feldenkrais lessons come in two ways:

Functional Integration is a one on one session that addresses your specific needs using gentle touch, movement, and verbal cues to communicate directly with the sensory-motor areas of your nervous system, helping you learn more effective self-organization.  Click here to watch a short video of what a Functional Integration Lesson might be like.

Awareness Through Movement lessons are taught to groups.  You are guided through a series of movements that you can do in a range of what is comfortable for you, at your own pace, honoring your unique physical capabilities.  click here for the current class

What you can do to learn more:

>Come in for a private session – call 719 235-8053 to schedule.

>Drop in to a class – click here for the current class

>Try a recorded Awareness Through Movement Lesson – click here

> Read Dr. Andrew Weil’s recent article on the benefits of the Feldenkrais Method:http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/ART00467/Feldenkrais-Method.html

>Read more – click here for articles

One thought on “Feldenkrais

  1. Jeff is fantastic. I saw him twice a week after an auto collision and his work helped relieve the pain & regain full use of my arm!

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