Pose Method of Running Seminars

2019 Seminars

We have not scheduled seminars for 2019. We require a minimum of 6 participants to conduct a seminar. 

If you have at least 5 other runners interested in creating a group to hold a Pose Seminar, please contact us! 635-6800 or via email: info@peakperformancept.org

Location: Peak Performance Physical Therapy: 1015 N. Weber St. Colorado Springs.

Cost is $40 for the half day seminar. Call (719)635-6800 to register to reserve your spot as space is limited.

This seminar is great for the beginning runner as well as the elite runner!

Reduce stress to your feet, knees and lower back.

Improve your running times.

Bring sunscreen- we will be outside for 10-20 minute increments. Water is available on-site.





Melinda Couch,PT and John Hays, PT, DPT have been certified running coaches through PoseTech since 2011 and will be offering Pose Running Seminars throughout the year. 


One-on-one Pose running coaching is available all year long!

Individual coaching is set up over 3 separate 45 minute sessions at a cost of $65 each. You will be taught the same information that is presented in our seminars but on an individual basis. Call our office at 635-6800 to schedule one-on-one running coaching.

We also offer “couples coaching” for you and your running buddy! Cost for two people is $50 per person.


Improve Your Technique

What is the Pose Method?  

The Pose Method of Running is one of the original models of good running technique.  It has been researched and endorsed by the Olympic Training Centers and is taught around the world.  It focuses on utilizing gravity to assist forward movement and to have a softer, quieter landing.  It often decreases a propensity to heel-strike and helps to decrease the forces going through the joints, thereby reducing the risk of injury associated with running.  Learn more at PoseTech.com.

Studies point to the fact that 85% of recreational runners are injured each year.  Our Goals at Peak Performance are to help you decrease running injuries, improve your performance, and help you enjoy running more!

Are you running with good technique?

Many runners are interested in “barefoot running” and running in a more minimalist shoe, but may not be utilizing good running technique. This can potentially lead to injury! Our half-day seminar is presented by certified Pose Running Coaches Melinda Couch, PT and John Hayes, PT, DPT and consists of: august-pose-clinic-006

  • Presentation of the Pose Method, which encompasses landing softly with the foot underneath the hip in proper alignment (promotes better efficiency and shock absorption), learning to utilize gravity to assist in forward movement which increases speed, and more.
  • Video analysis before and after.
  • Drills to help reinforce the new techniques into your nervous system.
  • Discussion and implementation of proper dynamic warm-up vs. static stretching.
  • Discussion of types of footwear.

This seminar was great! It was really helpful to be videod. The active stretching and warm-up was very instructional too!      – L. Metke

9 thoughts on “Pose Method of Running Seminars

  1. Hi Chris – we are considering offering a Pose Seminar on Saturday June 11th (probably from 9:00am-1:00pm). We will be posting it on the website in the next few weeks once we have made our decision about the date.
    Thank you for your interest in the Pose Method!

  2. Hi Rob, thank you for your inquiry! We have not scheduled any Pose seminars for 2018. We will most likely conduct one in April or May and will post it on our website at least two months prior to the seminar date. We also post notifications for seminars on our Peak Performance Physical Therapy Facebook page.

  3. Hello Ana,
    We haven’t set any 2019 seminars as of yet. This past year there seemed to be less interest, but if we get enough people interested then we definitely will have one. If you know of any other runners interested then let us know! We like to have at least 6 participants to hold a class.
    I will message you back if we set a date.

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