Proper Lifting Mechanics

Proper lifting is essential in avoiding lower back injury. Lifting while bent forward at the waist places excessive loads on our lumbar discs and muscles which can lead to injury.

When lifting anything regardless of how much it weighs, it is important to keep your head and chest up and hinge from your hips to squat down. This enables you to be able to keep a neutral spine position in your lower back, thereby protecting your lumbar discs and other soft tissues.

Lift using your legs and not your lower back and keep the object you are lifting held close to your body.

Proper lifting mechanics video soon to come!

Thoracic Spine and Psoas Mobility Stretches

These are a series of exercises to help create increased spinal flexibility as well as a stretch for the psoas muscle. The psoas muscle attaches from the hip to the spine and when tight can create both spinal and hip compression. It is common for people to be too tight through the thoracic region of the spine. This can lead to neck, lower back, and shoulder injuries and pain.

Olympic Pairs Team Gives Their Thumbs Up To Laser Therapy!

Alexa and Chris
Click image to hear Alexa and Chris talk about their experience with laser therapy.

Chris Knierim injured his knee a year ago in January 2017, sustaining a tear to his patellar tendon. He underwent a variety of treatments over the next 10 months, including physical therapy and 3 separate PRP injections, reporting only marginal help with these treatments for this particular injury.

He then decided to try Low Level Laser Therapy at our office for the 4 weeks prior to the U.S. Nationals Competition (the competition that helps determine the Olympic Team).

Laser therapy worked! His knee pain largely resolved and they won the U.S. Championships.  Alexa and Chris are now headed to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in Pyeongchang!

We wish them the best of luck! Go Team USA!

More Core Stabilization Exercises

Here are 4 more Core Stabilization Exercises that are a little more advanced than the previous 6 exercise videos we posted earlier this fall. Please be sure that you are able to perform the Level One Core Exercises that we posted previously without difficulty before you attempt these new exercises. And remember that all exercises should be pain-free. Never push through pain or you might be creating injury! We have recommended starting with 8 repetitions of each exercise during the first several weeks. You may then perform 2 sets of 8 or rotate through the series twice resulting in 2 sets of 8.