Photos From Team Processing (Finally)

I am finally able to access the photos from Team Processing way back in Munich on February 1st so you can see our Nike and Ralph Lauren clothing. I do get to march in the Closing Ceremonies tonight! Yippee!P1020393

Well, it took over 5 minutes for this one photo to load from my laptop, so I will post the rest of these photos when I return to Colorado Springs – sorry about that!


One thought on “Photos From Team Processing (Finally)

  1. Enjoyed your Olympic Pics from the Olympics. I am a good friend of Crozier Brown who knows your Mom and Dad from college days. Likely to know you as well. Great job.

    We lived in Denver with Arco 1980-1985. My Mom lived in Pueblo. I met Crozier after we both retired from Arco in 1993. Great friend.

    Plano, TX

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