Team Processing in Munich February 1st

I arrived in Munich on Saturday February 1st for U.S. Team processing. It was an amazing experience! We were escorted to the old Olympic Park in Munich (the site for the 1972 Olympic Games) where they had set up an area for all of the U.S. athletes and staff to be fitted with the official Olympic Team apparel.

The sponsors for this Olympics are Nike, Ralph Lauren, Oakley, AT&T, Hamilton Watches and Proctor and Gamble. We were first taken to an area to try on our opening and closing ceremonies outfits that were designed by Ralph Lauren. You may have seen these already as photos of them were released in the news last week…they are a little “busy.” They do look better on and in a group, but I still think it looks like Uncle Sam vomited on a sweater!  😉

Next we were given a box full of “Village Wear” apparel designed by Ralph Lauren. This consisted of a long sleeve shirt, 2 short sleeve shirts and 2 separate fleece sweaters to layer over these.

Then it was on to the Nike area where we were given a Nike Duffle bag full of all things Nike! Nike pants, team USA jacket with lots of pockets, several shirts, a thin hoodie and a sweatshirt-style hoodie. We were even given Nike athletic boots to complete the ensemble!

We also received a pair of Nike sunglasses, an Olympic Team ring, and a very nice watch by Hamilton. And we received a separate duffel bag full of Proctor and Gamble products such as shampoo, body wash, toothpaste/brush,etc. to use while we are here at the Games.

And we were given a Samsung camera that is also a phone. The camera is amazing/take s great photos so I am using that for the most part. The pictures from team processing were taken with my own camera, but the rest of the photos are from the phone camera. We will have to return this phone/camera back to US Figure Skating when the Games are over.