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Pain is a signal from your brain telling you something needs your attention – We listen to that! Ignoring or pushing through pain frequently makes things worse.  We work with your body, not against it.

At Peak Performance, we diagnose and treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms so that you not only get better but stay better.  We also offer a range of therapies to address your healing process:

  • Physical Therapy (Hands-On, Manual Therapy)
  • Trigger Point Dry Needling
  • Low Intensity Laser Therapy (offered through our sister company, Peak LiLT)
  • Sole Supports Custom Orthotics
  • Therapeutic Pilates
  • Neuromuscular Massage Therapy
  • Feldenkrais Functional Integration

Our therapists are continually involved in advanced trainings to stay on top of new approaches to treatment. We work with elite athletes, “weekend warriors”,  and also seniors trying to stay as pain-free and functional as possible.

We Help Get You Back To The Top of Your Game!

I started coming to Peak Performance for some chronic long-term injuries in my neck and lower back. Manual Therapy, Dry Needling and Feldenkrais have been really helpful to me. I have learned how to move better and how to pay more attention to my body rather than pushing through pain. I feel like I have recovered enough so that my future as a dancer, dance teacher and athlete will be long-term as I age and still continue to enjoy an active life-style.   – D. Miller

Don’t live near Peak Performance? No problem! We have formed an Alliance with four other great clinics in Colorado Springs!

Peak Performance has formed an alliance with four other independently owned physical therapy clinics in Colorado Springs. The goal of the Pikes Peak Physical Therapy Alliance is to spread the word that everyone in our community can have access to high quality one-on-one hands-on physical therapy.

I can’t say enough about the amazing care I have received here. The personal one-on-one attention allows for the PTs to get to know their patients and they use all of their skills and different strategies to promote optimum healing. I also appreciate the detailed explanations of exercises I can do at home for quicker … Continue reading Karen L.

Karen L.

I have received treatment from Peak Performance for several injuries (running injury, ski crash, etc) and each time they have done an awesome job getting me back to full health. I love that they have so many modalities under one roof to help people get well – manual PT, massage, feldenkrais, light therapy etc. I’ve … Continue reading Virginia T.

Virginia T.

I have used Peak Performance twice for PT, for an ACL and shoulder surgery. Most recently, I worked with Jacob Dulski, who did an incredible job returning my shoulder/arm to complete motion. Jacob has a variety of techniques at his disposal, allowing him to treat each patient or injury in the way that works best … Continue reading Jamie F.

Jamie F.

I injured my upper back, neck and shoulder falling over backwards. Healing was very slow and the injury was causing complications despite excellent chiropractic care and massage therapy.

It seemed to me that light/laser therapy might be worth a try because my husband had had success with this treatment at Peak LiLT with his arthritic hip. It has helped him avoid a hip replacement!

The results for me were unexpectedly dramatic. The referring pain in my shoulder and arm disappeared after just two treatments. My ability to sleep on my back and on my right side returned (doing so before created too much pain) so that for the first time in the two weeks since the fall I was able to sleep through the night. The extreme tightness in large groups of muscles was significantly relieved, ameliorating the problems they were causing. These beneficial effects have continued to endure many months later (I had 3 treatments total and my symptoms are still completely resolved).

S. Spitzer

I had early success with LILT and my lower back pain was about 80% better after 20+ treatments. The last 20% was very difficult to get rid of, and after such a large investment of time and money I was ready to give up. It wasn’t until after my 38th treatment that I finally became completely pain free. I continue to be free of pain as I slowly reintroduce resistance training into my physical therapy, and any flare-ups were gone quickly while I tapered off LILT (I had 44 total treatments and am now feeling great and avoided back surgery!). I’m grateful that Peak Performance offers such comprehensive treatments designed to resolve the actual issue and not just mask the symptoms.

K. L.

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