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We work with you one-on-one for your whole session and specialize in Manual Physical Therapy.  In many clinics you are left on you own doing dubious exercises without supervision, only seeing your therapist for a fraction of your session. And often you are seen with several patients at the same time. We are one of a few clinics left in Colorado Springs that works with you through-out your entire session. You are only seen by a licensed highly educated practitioner and never by a PT tech or aide.

Pain is a signal from your brain telling you something needs your attentionWe listen to that! Ignoring or pushing through pain frequently makes things worse.  We work with your body, not against it.

We treat the underlying problem, not just the symptoms so that you not only get better but stay better.  We offer a range of therapies to address your healing process:  Physical Therapy, Therapeutic Pilates, Custom Orthotics, Massage Therapy, and Feldenkrais Functional Integration.  Our therapists are continually involved in advanced trainings to stay abreast of new approaches to better serve you in your healing process.